Get your grades with a good persuasive essay

When you have to get other people to see your point of view, you try to find some arguments and convictions and refute other people’s views. You persuade them to think like you – this is what happens in real life and this is what persuasive essay is all about. It is the most common kind of essay you find as most people write to make their point. What we see in advertisements is the shortest form of persuasion in writing. When this is in the essay form, it is called persuasive essay.


Get your grades with a good persuasive essay


Choose a topic you believe in; still better will be something you are passionate about. Once you have chosen the topic don’t rush through your writing. Take time as you need to furnish evidence and build up your argument systematically. Only a good thought process with enough time will give the essay a convincing feel. Once it is written, proof read it. Unlike an expository essay, persuasive essay is nailing your point and if there are errors in the essay it can have an opposite effect. Choosing a topic is very important. The topic should be of value and should be topical.


A telegram which was once an emergency service and greatly valued has no place in the modern society. Information today is passed on faster than telegrams and telegrams died a natural death. Now if you are one who is passionate about telegraphs cannot write an effective persuasive essay because you cannot make yourself heard with this. So the topic you choose has to topical and should have depth, meaning it should not be frivolous. Be ready with the opposite views too; in fact you should be prepared with all counter arguments and write accordingly. Again, choose a topic which can be easily refuted. If there are too many facts and figures against you, there is nothing much you can do.


A persuasive essay can be an essay with five paragraphs, as at least three paragraphs should be dedicated to the body of your essay. You cannot make your essay persuasive enough if you don’t give that many words to make your point. Then there should be an introduction paragraph and a concluding paragraph. So a minimum of five paragraphs is essential to write a persuasive essay. Make a thesis statement in the introduction. What goes into the first paragraph should hook the reader. Their curiosity has to be kindled to make them read further. The last sentence of each paragraph must be a leading sentence for the next paragraph.


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The body of the essay must contain your view point, and the counter arguments with concrete facts and evidence. The concluding paragraph should sum up all the ideas and should let the reader know your point of view clearly. The persuasive essay does not have a universal appeal. It has a target audience and the writer must keep this point in mind. What he or she writes must impress the target audience. If all these points are kept in mind one can score good grades with a persuasive essay.