Literary Essay

In order to write a quality literary essay it is vital that you clearly comprehend, understand and analyze the literature upon which it will be based. The literature on which you intend to develop your literary essay has some significance or bearing or else it would not have been assigned to you to develop a literary essay on.


Make sure to clearly understand the piece of literature that you will be developing a literary essay on. Read through the required literature at least three times in order to make sure that you are able to point out all subtle hints or underlying meanings the author might have.


In order to clearly understand the logic based reasoning for the developments and incidents in your literary essay perform research on the author of the literature on which you are writing your literary essay on. Find out the time period and the circumstances in which that piece of literature assigned to you was developed in order to have a better understanding of the context, culture and school of thought in which the literature was developed. Prove your conceptual comprehension of the context in your literary essay.


Your literary essay will be an argument in favor of your interpretation of the literature you are analyzing. Your literary essay’s success depends on the fact if you are able to convince the readers that your interpretation is most accurate.


Do not start writing without any arrangement on your literary essay instead break down all important factors that support your literary essay into proportions that you will use to support your understanding of the assigned literature which you have to prove.


Position Essay

In a position essay a writer clearly states their opinions, beliefs and thoughts in a more influential or persuasive mode of writing. Since position essays are normally written to discuss a relatively more controversial subject or one on which individuals have conflicting thoughts on; the writer will have to support one point of view and provide reasons for their support. A position essay has to provide substantial or empirical proof for the writers support on a certain matter.


Firstly the writer has to prove their complete knowledge and understanding of the issue on which they will continue further to develop a position. Essay must be developed in a manner through which you list down the means and method by which you intend to argue on behalf of a certain viewpoint.



You have to factor in those or what are being affected by the issue and take into consideration their stance. Now while developing a position essay you are not only proving your stance in relation to all the relevant factors but you also intend to persuade readers to agree with you. In order to hold a stance that has validity the writer has to make sure that they have complete and thoroughly detailed background knowledge after which they support a certain position.


Essay in which you will state your opinion and the viewpoint you support not only will you provide your opinion but you will state in a thesis like form your position on the issue. In order to support the arguments you give whether in opposition to a point of view or to support it you must give evidentiary substantiation in your position essay.