Process Essay

A process essay explains the steps taken in order to accomplish a task that will result in a favorable result. Examples of process essays include how to take items and fit them together to produce a certain finished result. All process essays need to explain in detail the steps one has to take to meet a certain goal.


Process Essay

Now while beginning the development of a process essay it is a good idea to create an outline that will help you to organize all the information that is required. For instance your process essay may require you to inform of the supplies needed. Your process essay must also explain the step by step method that one needs to go by. Understand where and when to mention points of caution or any warnings related to the steps you explain in your process essay. Finally mention the objective that should be achieved or the end result that should be derived from your process essay.


When you write the introduction of your process essay make sure and include certain significant background knowledge on the step by step approach you intend to introduce. Make sure to mention what the end result of your process essay should be. You have to mention the eventual outcome that you wish to explain the process of. Make sure to warn against any undesirable or harmful effects that could result from the process.


Essay must also make sure that the reader has taken into consideration all the warned ill outcomes that could result from the process and know the time frame that should be required to solve the process.
In the body of your process essay you will mention in detail each step of the process which should be written as clearly and as detailed as possible to ensure the full understanding each step in the sequential order in which it should be accomplished.


You conclude your process essay with the end result or the finished article that should be lead to if the procedure is followed.


Reflective Essay

In a reflective essay one has the opportunity to share their thoughts and views on a certain matter. A reflective essay will require you to prove what you have learned but also communicate your personal feelings or thoughts on the matter.


In a manner reflective essays are a form of an out let that allows you an opportunity to share your understanding on a matter. In a way reflective essays are an assessment by the writer of their experience and the lesson they take from it.


A reflective essay presents the writer’s insight on certain subject matter and gives reason for their position. A reflective essay is developed in order to allow the writer to communicate a point of view, outlook and interpretation of the matter on which the reflective essay is written. A reflective essay has to communicate your own unique feel for the matter not anyone else’s.


A reflective essay primarily emphasizes on your feelings and thoughts on a given subject. However you will be required to present reasons for the validation of your thoughts or feelings on a subject in your reflective essay. So a quality reflective essay must provide the basis for your viewpoint on a certain matter.


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When you include factors that result in your ideas and beliefs on a given subject they should be backed up by your thoughts on that issue which will be developed on the basis of your exposure and life experiences.


Now in your reflective essay always make sure to make a point as to why your revelation is significant to the matter at hand.