Essential components of a dialectic essay

The main points of the dialectical essay should revolve around the proposed argument or thesis and the writer should be able to counter those points with the potential conflicting ideas. The idea behind this process is that it allows exploring several solutions instead on concentrating on one right answer. The answers are concluded on the value of information at that time finally. These essay writing is ideal for studying and arguing philosophy and it is common in this subject. The dialectic essays should counter the polemical essay style where a single point is strongly suggested and disputed.


Start with an initial argument which is known as the thesis statement. The initial argument should be in the introduction paragraph or the following paragraph. The argument should show the viewpoint in a clear and brief manner. Your point of view has to be understood by the reader easily and he or she should not be spending too much time trying to figure out what you are trying to say. The point of view you make should also have reasoning. The reasoning you are trying to make should be sound and offer the basis and particulars as to why you adopting a stance like this.


Essential components of a dialectic essayEnough and more back up should be there for your thesis statement and all these reasoning should be supported with all the background information. An article should have all relevant facts that consolidate you initial argument. All the analysis and relevant information should be understandable and brief. Don’t beat around the bush and come to the point straightaway. The idea of the essay should be to induce a thought or criticism that is contradictory to your thesis statement. But the contradictory criticism should be provided in a clear and strong fashion. Contradiction of the statement can be done but with the necessary background information supporting your point of view.


Your thesis statement must have a stronger and more valid opinion than the counterargument. Your opinion should have the necessary points to argue the case. Every feature of the counterargument must be focused on, and the necessary points as to why these features of the thesis are not valid. Like any other type of essays the dialectic essays also should have a strong and solid conclusion. Conclude with a restatement of your thesis and the main strengths of your arguments for holding on to this thesis. Mention clearly the weakness of the counterarguments and do the final conclusion.